The Right Vinyl Style for Your Home

There is a possibility that you are considering to get vinyl siding for your home because aside from the fact that it can make your house look great, you can be sure that you will eliminate extra expenses in the future. Just imagine not having to repaint your house every 5 years because of your vinyl sidings. You will save a lot in opting not to hire a professional painter who will paint your home plus the paint that will be used to decorate your home entirely.

If you think that vinyl sidings are expensive, then you probably have not heard about how much cedar siding costs as well as aluminum siding. You can be sure that you will save a lot more when you use vinyl siding for your own home. In fact, it is one of the reasons why this type of cladding is mostly requested and searched for by people.

There are some traditionalists though who believe that vinyl sidings can make a house look different from how it should look like. Vinyl is typically made out of plastic and it is only natural that some people do not like the thought of wrapping their whole home in plastic. It was a concern in the past that vinyl tends to turn yellow with age and it can make the house look older instead of making it look new. This was a problem with the type of vinyl produced in the past but manufacturers made it a point to produce a better, improved vinyl that can make people’s homes look modern.

Vinyl Siding Styles

If you have decided that you would like your vinyl to look great, you would need to know what style of vinyl you would like to place. Most of the time, people make use of different styles of vinyl depending on the design of their home because they typically all look great when used interchangeably.

Here are some of the vinyl siding styles that you ought to consider:

Dutch Lap

This is typically one of the most common vinyl siding styles that you will see. There is a chance that you have seen various homes with this vinyl style, although you did not realize it yet at that time. What makes it unique is the distinct curve that you can see on the edge of each. It will give off a shadow that can complement the rest of the vinyl sidings.

There was a time when doing Dutch lap siding involved having to hand carve each edge so that the shadows will fall naturally to the bottom but this has changed considerably since then.

Straight Lap

If you would like something that is far simpler than the Dutch lap, you can use the traditional straight lap. This can be done both a horizontal or vertical manner. They usually look like long planks of wood that are placed in your house. They have the tendency to make the house look very comfortable and cozy.

Sometimes, the wood planks of the straight lap vinyl siding are usually compared to the wood sidings of boats, especially if they are placed horizontally. This is also known as the traditional lap siding.

Cedar Shake

This is a new type of vinyl siding that has become more popular with a lot of people over the past years. This is typically used to design houses on the outside together with some bricks that are stacked together. The vinyl sidings usually have a simple shadow in the bottom but the vertical markings add a completely different atmosphere to the home.

Since this is one popular vinyl siding, it is only typical that a lot of manufacturers made the effort to create different colors that can appeal to different people. Choosing the right color can be crucial in the overall effect of your home.

Other than these three styles of vinyl that you can place on your home, do remember that there are still a lot more that you may want to consider. Choosing the right vinyl is important because you can make sure that with proper vinyl, your home will look great.

Considerations When Deciding on Vinyl Siding

There is a possibility that you are deciding whether to get vinyl siding for your home, especially after all the details that you have learned about earlier. There are certain things you ought to consider:

  • You have to like the way that vinyl looks in your home – There is a chance that you are only being forced to like vinyl because of the things that it can provide for you but if you do not like how it looks like, do not push through with it.
  • Picking quality vinyl is crucial for your home. If you like the way that vinyl looks then you have to pick quality vinyl. Selecting the right vinyl is not as easy as it sounds, especially since there are so many options that are available. Check out the quality of the vinyl that will be given to you before choosing the right one.
  • Hire a competent contractor that will do the installation for you. Even if you have an ample amount of time to install the vinyl sidings yourself, it will look different if it is done by a professional contractor. Do remember to search for the right contractor through asking around or you can also search online for the right people to consider for the job.


There are different things that you have to consider when choosing the right vinyl. The quality of the vinyl is one of the most important things because without quality vinyl, any style you pick will not bring justice to the design that you have in mind. Consider all types of vinyl styles before making a decision.